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Your job interview went really well, the employer said you’d hear something back from the recruiter soon. But it’s been a week, your phone hasn’t rung and you’re getting anxious waiting to hear from your recruiter about your perfect job.

When you’re waiting to hear back, time often seems like it’s passing incredibly slowly, and each day of silence can be agony.

But as anxious as you are to hear something, make sure that anxiety doesn’t drive you to actions that will actually harm your chances. You might be tempted to take action whilst waiting to hear something but some things you should never, ever do.

  • “DON’T” Check in aggressively. If you give into those nerves by contacting before you should or too many times, you risk undermining the good impression you hopefully made when you met with the employer. That means you shouldn’t check in before their timeline. DO NOT email and then email again when you don’t get a response to your first message after a day or two, or call repeatedly and hang up when you get voicemail. The reality is that hiring often takes much, much longer than either side expects it to. But if an employer wants to hire you, they’re not going to forget about you.

  • “DON’T” Bluff by saying you have another job offer when you really don’t. You won’t speed up the process by making up another offer hoping that it’ll push the employer to move faster. This is a dangerous move, because there’s a good chance that the employer will tell you: “We can’t expedite things on our end and don’t want to prevent you from taking another offer, so we’ll remove you from consideration on our end.” They are assessing you on your honesty and integrity, remember that.

  • “DON’T” go on holiday and become inaccessible without giving us a heads up. You shouldn’t need to put your life on hold while you’re waiting to hear about a job. We may need to contact you, so stay connected and show your commitment whatever timezone you’re in. If this is a problem for you, you may not be showing the right signals to the employer of a candidate who wants this job no matter what, unless you’re filming whales in the Arctic of course.

  • “DON’T” obsess and become anxious. Why haven’t they called yet? Should you have heard something by now? Does the lack of contact indicate they’re not interested? If you can’t find the job ad anymore, does it mean they hired someone else? If the hiring manager looks at your LinkedIn profile, does that mean they’re getting ready to make you an offer? Trying to read into every detail like this is a recipe for a miserable few weeks (or even months). You’re far better off putting the job out of your head and mentally moving on after you interview. Obsessing won’t do anything to increase your chances, but it will make you miserable and me too. I will chase this feedback for you, I will manage this situation for you, I will keep you up to date so don’t fret, you are in safe hands.

  • Finally, “DON’T” sit back thinking you have this in the bag, Even if positive signs seem to be raining down upon you, a better candidate could emerge at the last minute, the CEO’s knows someone who knows someone, they might freeze hiring altogether and all sorts of other things could prevent you from getting an offer. Until you actually have an offer, don’t count on getting any particular job. 

  • “DO” Keep active in the market as you never know, you could be that “last minute candidate” they are considering.

  • “DO” keep me up to date with all your options so I have full clarity of the entire process.

  • “DO” Trust me!

I can guide you, advise you and teach you how best to approach the interview process from start to finish based on 15 years experience as a Head Hunter. Throughout these years, I have experienced every possible event, albeit good and bad, in the recruitment process. If they want you, and you are super interested, it will happen.

There is no complicated science involved, People with open, agreeable, and conscientious personalities are more likely to experience a job offer. They are investing in YOU!

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