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It’s been announced today that Apple will unveil their new iPhone on the 10th September. The quirky invite “by innovation only” seems perfectly fitting as we all sit on tender hooks until we see what Apple have cooked up for us this year.

With Price points increasing by each new model and having topped out at well over £1000 for the iPhone Xs can we expect another unachievable figure? Lowering the costs could help Apple appeal to consumers who have been put off by increasing prices on the high-end units.

Nothing can be confidently confirmed before the event launch until then it’s all rumours. However, leakers and analysts certainly do their best to predict what to expect, but apparently the new iPhones are “completely different” to anything we’ve seen so far.

The invite features a swirling multi-colour homage to the 80s Apple logo, albeit in a subtler pastel hue, which may point to colourful new hardware.

Rumoured to arrive in 3 different flavours this year’s release promises a plethora of new features. Bloomberg reports that you’ll be able to “retouch, apply effects, reframe video and more as it is being recorded live.” Similar to Galaxy phones, the iPhone 11 should let you charge AirPods (and other phones) with the back of the new iPhones.

The biggest chatter comes in the way of triple rear cameras with the third camera being an ultra-wide lens.

What can we expect from Apple next?

Apple Watch Series 5 
There is hope the Apple Watch Series 5 will also be announced at the event. Rumours suggest it will come in ceramic and titanium, suggesting a return of the Apple Watch Edition. Expect an OLED display, sleep tracking, battery life improvements, and a unique take on a built-in camera.

Furthering independence in the product line will turn the watch into a viable iPhone replacement for some people.


AirPods 3
We saw the release of new AirPods earlier in 2019, but the company is also said to be planning to introduce some new over ear headphones that we could see in September. The latest feature will include noise cancellation and a waterproof design.


Not buying hardware this year? Don’t worry, Apple will update all its platforms with new operating systems when the next iPhone drops. These free upgrades mean that Apple device users who will not be shopping for new devices will get new features and enhancements on their existing (supported) devices – and access to those services.