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Osmii like to stay ahead of the game with the latest tech trends that are expected to be prevalent in 2016. To prepare you, we have rounded up four ad tech trends to ensure that all your companies’ campaigns are a success this 2016.

Cross tracking:

Today, consumers use a multitude of devices to surf the web, check their social media pages and to order products. In order to aim your campaign to the right audience, we recommend that you employ cross device, tracking and targeting. Cross tracking and targeting provides your consumer with consistent content and branding across multiple devices. No ad will be lost as long as advertising is optimized across all platforms. Desktop banners will become mobile friendly ads for a smartphone browser. Likewise, a mobile call extension in a smartphone ad disappears in a desktop ad. This year you will see advertisers continue to adapt across multiple devices.

Hyper personalisation:

Nowadays, consumers are expecting advertisers to know all their needs and wants. Hyper personalisation is about the timing and the relevancy of delivery ads at the right time to their consumer. To do this, you must use data management to gather information to deliver the right content at the right time.

Relevant ads:

Today around 86% of our time on our mobile devices is spent on an app, this must mean that many consumers watch a lot of in app videos… but are they relevant? Relevant ads are less intrusive and have a higher conversion rate along with playing into a consumers need for hyper personalisation. You need to make sure that your ads are published to the right audience or to the relevant market, otherwise they are irrelevant to the people viewing them. Look out as there will be more relevant ads this 2016.

Ad blocks:

Though this hype for ad blocks is starting to die down, it isn’t going away any time soon. Consumers are now hyper sensitive to ad blockers and the aim is for get consumers not to use them. The key is for advertisers to focus on user experience. If you balance the content and ads, this will prevent consumers from getting annoyed and then hopefully consumers will welcome it.

Whether you’re running a pay per call campaign, pay per click campaign, or both, these trends will have an impact on the success of your campaign. Osmii have supported a number of ad tech vendors on a global scale, so if you are looking for the next big thing please contact our digital team: