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The technology’s impact on branding and advertising is transforming the way brands and customers interact. Some people call it Wired interactions, others call It Networked or even Multiplexed connections. Call it anything you want, your customers are more in control of your brand and business than ever before. So, what is the most important factor you need to be aware of? Transparency.

Southwest Airlines, for example, is a major U.S. airline that prides itself as the world’s largest low-cost carrier, proving it in the marketing campaign “Transfarency”. For Southwest Airlines, “Transfarency” is a company-wide philosophy in which customers are treated honestly and where fares actually stay low. Together with the campaign hashtag, #FeesDontFly, the airline uses the campaign to showcase its value proposition of no hidden fees or extra costs. The campaign garnered nearly five million likes on Facebook alone, set Southwest Airlines apart from the competition and earned the trust of customers.

Technology allows anyone to observe everything your company do as an enterprise or brand. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or on the high board of directors, your actions can always be associated to the brand. While in the past, irate feedback came in the form of letters or phone calls, nowadays, independent of your industry, one dissatisfied customer can be louder than ever. CRM has never been more important for a brand to survive the digital era.

However, on the upside, transparency can be your friend. Engaging positively with the customers, friends and critics makes a statement about your brand’s openness and transparency, this can lead to not only satisfied customers but loyal ones. Brands should consider transparency as a tiebreaker. Blunt brands fear customer, while savvy brands embrace them.

In addition, companies that change their methods for interaction with customer to the convergence of different networks and “personalization” can turn passive customer into engaged brand loyalists. Leadership and innovation are the words that better describe how a brand can use from technology to expand itself. CEO’s should consider to encourage the use but also to allow experimentation on the digital platforms. Your marketers’ team should use technology not only to build the brand but brand communities.

Osmii will attend Google Square Presents tomorrow, here in London, where we will hear Shuvo Saha, Director of the Google Digital Academy, talking about the importance of brand transparency and how digital has enabled companies to have a bolder brand mission. Osmii’s commitment to be on top of digital trends hence enrolling and graduating our Principal Consultant Simon Gregory through the Google Squared Online Course between June – December 2016. To learn more about what we do, please contact our Simon, who will be at the meeting, via and visit our website