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An old Japanese proverb says, “a single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” It took one very physically demanding yet incredibly fun experience to realise how accurate these words are. Last week Osmii took part in Tough Mudder – an epic adrenaline pumping challenge. To say that it was tough is an understatement, 13 obstacles, 5 miles of mud and 30 degrees heat to start with. Only after passing the first obstacle everyone realized what they signed up for.

Osmii tough mudder

Here is what Osmii employees have to say about the experience:

“After doing zero preparation before, I was a bit apprehensive. We stuck together throughout, helping each other through the run as well as all the obstacles which show the togetherness and comradery within the business. As it was a scorching hot day, the water obstacles were much needed! I was witness to some surprising water diving skills. Although all the obstacles were challenging in their own ways, you did have to channel your inner Spiderman to scale a few who was very difficult in itself! ”

Phil Knight, Sales and Development Manager

Osmii Tough MudderOsmii Tough MudderOsmii Tough Mudder

“Very fun and rewarding experience!”

Bradley Mace, Recruitment Consultant

“No one was left behind. I enjoyed taking my time and getting lots of help but also tried to help others. However as much as I enjoyed it, it was also a challenge. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to fight with my fear of heights when climbing 10 feet tall wall. The hills were killer, but when I passed finish I was proud of myself and happy that I DID IT!!”

Magda Redzia, Senior Account Manager

Osmii Tough Mudder

“I was impressed with how cold the cider was in 30-degree heat.”

Sarah Neeworth, Senior Recruitment Consultant

“The event was one to be remembered for the camaraderie and sporting element. The most memorable part was the team effort to get everyone over the walls – felt like I was in the army. The biggest challenge has to be the fact that I’m still recovering from the aches and pains”

Osmii Tough Mudder

Gianluca Raimato, Recruitment Consultant

To conclude, Tough Mudder is a great way to bring a team together. Its backbreaking challenges can only be completed in a group effort. Difficult at times, but an utterly worthwhile adventure. Without any hesitation, we would like to recommend this challenge to everyone, if not for testing your stamina then for a delicious ice cold cider that is even sweeter on a finish line!