Geography Osmii sources from a global skills pool

Once we align with your business, we can replicate our searches and successes, anywhere in the world.


If you are a US tech start up, breaking into an emerging market, or an established brand launching a new venture there are common challenges that Osmii can help you with across Europe, MEA, APAC, US & LATAM.

Permanent Search

Osmii has experience advising companies at pre entry, and through growth phases. We will:

  • Negate the need to find, sign up and work with multiple agencies in every country our client’s operate in
  • Help build client organisation chart from the ground up
  • Advice on the best locations for Regional HQs and where we believe the most relevant talent resides given our client’s industry
  • Help target and forge relationships with relevant contacts and partners in region
  • Advise on salary breakdowns, cultural differences, company law, and local best practices

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Contract Services

  • Access to transient talent pool, where in-country skills are rare or non-existent
  • Manage local visas, accommodation, criminal background checks, health cover and local payroll advice / compliance
  • Offer competitive rates for international projects against local Service Partners who a carry a bench
  • Help companies with no entity by hiring the first feet on the ground. Projects can be delivered without local office presence

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