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Location - Remote
Salary -
Pro Bono

Why OpenUK

OpenUK is the industry association and advocacy group representing Open Technology organisations being open source software, open hardware and open data across the UK.

OpenUK is the industry organisation  and advocacy body representing Open Technology being open source software, open source hardware and open data organisations across the UK.

As an industry association, OpenUK gives its participants greater influence than they could ever achieve alone. OpenUK is committed to supporting collaboration between businesses, public sector organisations, government and communities to expand the opportunities available to all around open technology. It is building a visible community, ensuring the UK’s laws and policies work for Open and promoting learning in Open Technology.

About The Role

  • Some admin support available but generally expected to be self sufficient 
  • Need good tech skills
  • Understanding of open source software, hardware and data preferred
  • Working with external accountant managing a developing ngo, effectively a bootstrapping start up. NGO experience advantageous, particularly re tax matters.
  • Ideal role for someone developing further skills

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