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Explore how Osmii can provide exposure to the most innovative technology companies expanding today, within a surprisingly refreshing work environment.

Osmii Careers

What can you expect?


By ensuring we work with the leading start-up technology providers, you will have a chance to represent the brand leaders of tomorrow.

Entrepreneurial Environment

We offer extra-curricular allowances for you to develop professionally and encourage everyone to present, develop and implement ideas at Osmii.

Global Reach

We are a global organization and all of our team members are encouraged to think beyond borders. Today you could be working a project in Shanghai, tomorrow Dubai… You will also have a budget for International meetings.


Every employee is granted an education allowance. This is spent on an education endeavour of your choice. We want our team to be fulfilled at work and home.


With personal incentives and team incentive targets there are many rewards beyond your salary to be gained; from staff trips to wine tasting Thursdays...and no matter what, we don’t work Friday afternoons...

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Internships at Osmii

Because of our commitment to developing the employees of tomorrow, Osmii has a focus on Internships. Interns can expect the the same level of responsibility and accountability as every other employee at Osmii.

You will work on real projects for real customers. Contact us now for details.

Worried about relocating?

Moving to a new city can be daunting. Once you join the Osmii team, we will ensure your time in London is rewarding. We will cover your first three months of rent in London to help you settle in. To find out more, please read the relocation information.

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Meet the team

To discover more about the Osmii team, please visit our linked in page.

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