Permanent Search

We find you the best candidates by following a proven search model.

What we do

Domain expertise

Osmii offers the client a detailed knowledge and understanding of their space. Knowing the client and the market they operate in enables us to:

  • Understand requirements quickly (from a technical and “soft skills” perspective)
  • Represent client opportunities in a credible manner
  • Be “first to market” to approach the right candidates
  • Act as an extension our clients business, promoting your values, strategy and vision

Proactive search

We are a team of successful head-hunters who believe that proactive search techniques are the most effective methods in identifying talent. Being a proactive search organisation allows us to:

  • Approach specific candidates based on our client’s needs
  • Give the client competitor advantage by being the first to approach the best candidates
  • Target the passive marketplace. The best talent is not often actively looking for work


Our service continues throughout the candidate process. Securing the right talent is just as critical as identifying it. To provide our clients with the best possible chance to succeed, Osmii:

  • Builds strong relationships with candidates through credible discussion, and a thorough understanding of the clients and careers we represent
  • Ensures clear channels of communication, agreeing timescales, expectations and milestones
  • Provides advice on international, cultural and legal issues

Why Osmii? 5 reasons

We understand there are many ways to secure talent in the modern world, but here are 5 key reasons why a recruitment partner still has an important function.