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Other firms believe talent should be on their doorstep. Osmii believes the best talent comes from a broader pool. As a result we have a relocation programme.

Relocate to London and we will cover your first three months rent. Time for a new challenge?

Why Osmii?

If you are looking for a relocation to London, talk to us and explore your options. We have successfully relocated experienced consultants and helped them take their career to the next stage. We are currently offering 3 months’ rent free as an incentive to come join us in our West End offices.

Obviously we don’t need to tell you about the 24 / 7 London lifestyle, its place on the Global Business stage, & the London earnings pay gap - full-time workers in London earn an average of £46,000, compared to the UK average of £31,300 (GMB)

Contact us now for a confidential conversation for how this could work for you.

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