Dynamic Yield
Case Study

Brief – What did the client need?

The client had taken on another round of funding but only had a HR function in Israel. They needed extra resource to support their next phase of expansion into various European, APAC and Emerging Markets. 

They needed several hires including 1st on the ground Russia, Senior Sales and tech people in APAC, plus various servicing roles in Germany and London. 

Strategy – What was the plan?

Osmii had successfully supported the client previously with global projects into the German and UK office. Off the back of that success, Osmii was introduced to further various members of the HR team in Israel who supported individual markets. 

The client introduced a new hiring portal to support the influx of roles being opened up to us and candidates uploaded. This supported candidate management, tracking of interviews, feedback and next steps. 

All roles were added to the portal for the various regions, we would then establish a “high priority” list of ranking roles with the client. This would support urgent to less urgent hires.

1st wave of roles included were 1st on the ground Russia, Sales Director Singapore, Technical Solutions Singapore and Technical Solutions Germany. 

2nd wave of roles included Senior Customer Success APAC, Senior Customer Success Germany and Solutions Engineer UK, CSM’s UK + Germany. 

Results / Summary

Due to the new portal from the client and prioritising of roles (ranking) this successfully supported several new senior hires into the business in Germany, Singapore and Russia. 

Hires – 7 Senior hires

We had to introduce Dynamic Yield and sell the company to candidates who had very little knowledge of them. There were already big players in the different markets.

Osmii also had to overcome the clients re-prioritising of roles in different regions due to client internal re-structures/changes.  

We successfully delivered on roles the client had been struggling to complete themselves for several months in unfamiliar markets. With our knowledge and network we managed to place senior managers into the business who we will now look to support when they hire their teams. 

Client Type: Martech - Marketing Personalisation Technology Vendor. Leader in their space

Company Size: 200+ 

Location of project: Global expansion, Senior hiring (UK, Germany, Russia, Singapore)

Delivery Method: Permanent Contingent – Multiple hires  


MarTech Experience – personalisation, web analytics, optimisation

Commercial – relationship building, strategic thinking, consultative.

Technical – Front-end development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

Google/Adobe analytics 

Solution selling (enterprise level) – FTSE1000, Ecommerce