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Boost efficiency within your Talent Acquisition team

Companies that need to scale fast face the common challenge of attracting the best talent, in the most time efficient and cost effective way. We have built two results-driven talent solutions to help support your internal talent strategy.

1. Embedded Staffing

We provide a subscription based recruitment service to help businesses accelerate growth. Your Osmii talent acquisition consultants are embedded within your business. We get to know your business from the inside out, helping you find the right talent to fill the gaps, whilst also pipelining and planning for future growth.

Although our clients come from a range of industries, our expertise lies in helping technology driven start-ups and enterprise technology teams scale fast.

Fit for purpose

We have 4 different experience levels of consultant to suit your needs, from Level 1 Recruitment Coordinator/Sourcer – to Level 4 Head of Talent.

Simple and Transparent model

Our only fee is a monthly management fee. No hidden costs or expenses.

Global presence, local knowledge

Wherever you are hiring, we have a local network. We have Talent Acquisition Partners with experience hiring in over 27 different countries.

Flexible and on-demand

Our agile service is designed to react quickly to peaks and troughs in your hiring demands. We have 72 hour on-boarding, and a 1 month notice to roll off your resource.

Quick Access to the top 2% of talent

Our talent partners have access to over 100,000 specialist candidates and are equipped with cutting edge sourcing platforms. All our Talent partners are “search first”.

Data Driven engagements

We provide valuable insights, market mapping and brand awareness to clients that an internal talent team cannot get.

Our strategic led approach to embedded hiring in specialist tech and commercial roles is designed to save you time, money and resources. Our modern take on the traditional RPO model, we fit out your talent team with the right level of expertise, depending on whether you are a start-up, scale-up, or enterprise organisation.

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2. Osmii Capture Sourcing Service

Supercharge your talent team with a dedicated sourcing team.

Increase quality & speed of hiring by working with our sourcing team to deepen candidate pipelines of qualified and engaged candidates, resulting in booked screening calls with proven talent that fit to specific job requirements.

Talent teams today face the challenge of how to recruit large volumes of people quickly and at scale while still maintaining quality and the best candidate experience. We provide a subscription-based candidate sourcing service in a revolutionary way to access all the talent your business needs.

In the driving seat

A flexible monthly subscription sourcing service that you can turn on and off, dial up or down, as and when you need to, leaving you in complete control.

Global Reach

Our sourcing team source candidates globally, meaning reduced time for your talent team to get up to speed in a market.

Multiple Campaigns

Our Sourcer’s can pick up multiple specific job requirements in multiple regions at any one time.

Candidate Experience

We act as an extension of you, providing a unified, best in class quality experience for each candidate, guiding them through the process.

Our laser-focused CV sourcing and headhunting service does the heavy lifting for internal TA teams, supplying quality CVs from around the globe while they retain full control over pipelines, talent pools and the overall candidate experience.

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