Google Cloud Platform
Case Study

Brief – What did the client need?

Client, a Tier1 Bank, wanted to expand a GCP trial phase into a larger scope of works.  Existing consultancy cloud teams were primarily AWS and Azure focused. Consultancy wished to use this GCP project as a template to become a leading Google Cloud Partner in the UK.  Existing staff had been enrolled in partner training and associate development but key skill gaps still existed.  Teams had to be on boarded by Q end to ensure phase 1 project milestones were successfully closed. 


Strategy – What was the plan?

Osmii was introduced to the new team via existing relations with the Consultancy.  After meeting with management and understanding the scope, an advertising campaign was launched online via social media channels, and importantly pushed via existing Osmii GCP associate network. Osmii, being a GCP Services partner, held existing networks in the UK GCP scene and these were to be quickly and effectively utilised.  A three stage interview process was set, with an in-depth, project specific, GCP focused screening at stage 1.  Planned to look at the contract market after initial search as concern that the permanent candidate pool would not support all 4 x GCP SME hires.


Results / Summary

Four hires completed on time and under budget with GCP subject matter experts in all roles.

Surplus profiles received and interviewed with a view to fast track for phase 2 hires.  All hires closed as full time permanent appointments. No need for secondary contract hires.  Key with closing permanent hires turned out to be the strength / scope of the client project. Communicating select project details to candidate pool, with this being a “go live project”, not a test case, in an emerging space was a high draw.


Osmii & Google Cloud

This project was the latest in many GCP cloud projects Osmii is helping our clients to deploy. Osmii is a Google Cloud Services Partner and our understanding of the technical ecosystem helps our clients win and deliver digital transformation solutions with Google Cloud technologies embedded at their core. 

By combining our Google Partner Network, 10 year’s experience in recruiting, and specialist domain expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients to make the right hiring decisions while adopting and delivering next-gen technology projects.

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Client Type: Cloud


2 x GCP Developers

2 x GCP Architects

Brand: Consultancy / Tier 1 Bank

Company Size: 10,000 +

Location of project: UK

Delivery Method: Contingent Permanent