Case Study

Brief – What did the client need?

Client wanted to add two additional cross functional scrum teams to expand a Mobile Banking Project. Initially two teams of ten developers (BED / FED), a centralised Solution Architect and QE Strategist.  Based in a Central London location.

Strategy – What was the plan?

Both teams were to have a similar blend of skills and a central shared resource element.  The client wanted two drops of starters, across two months.  The plan was to focus on speed, quality, cost and a need to keep the client involved throughout the screening / interview process.  Technical tests were created, an interview panel was pre-selected, and google docs / drives utilised to keep stakeholders connected. 

Results / Summary

Osmii ran an intense pre-screening period lasting 2-3 weeks in which approximately 150 CVs were pre-screened and technically tested (online client approved testing).  After testing, phone interviews were conducted with final phase candidates interviewed across client open days for final selections. Osmii were allowed access to the interview panel, reducing admin time across the project. Once all results were collected, the client had the relatively simple task of selection using tracker documents with rates and feedback in one place. The Client Talent Acquisition team are happy to date, and the client awarded Osmii future business.

Client Type: Development

Brand: Tier 1 Bank

Company Size: 10,000+ 

Location of project: UK

Delivery Method: Contract Contingent – Exclusive


Front End Devs (React JS)

Mobile Devs (Android / IoS)

SDET / Automation QA 

Defect Manager 

Environments Manager