Case Study

Brief – What did the client need?

The client was going through a large hiring project within their Customer Development division and a number of key customers were missing a lead account manager. 

Due to the nature of the size of the project, the client needed assistance in hiring 10 roles within an exceptionally quick time scale of 6 weeks. 

Strategy – What was the plan?

Working with the client, we put together a Container proposal that would mean we could dedicate a full resourcing team to the project. Attempting to hire 10 people requires approximately 40 qualified people so our team needed to break down the project into bite-size milestones.

Due to the tight time constraints of the project, agreed milestones were put in place to ensure the project was kept on track. Some of these milestones included a minimum amount of 15 qualified candidates and 10 interviews by week 1. We also included minimum CV to interview conversion percentages in order to keep the quality up.

As part of the offering, we gave the client access to market maps, compiling information around the client's competitors, individuals of interest, responses and market news, whilst also giving Unilever a “Sentiment Ratio”. This is a score calculated by Osmii which provides a real-time gauge of what the market thinks about your brand and your interview process

Results / Summary

The project was a huge success. Due to the size of the business, there were delays due to approval chains and ensuring the right people were available at the right times to fit within the agreed milestones but the overall project was delivered on time.

Client Type: Digital

Company Size: 150,000+ 

Location of project: Surrey, UK

Delivery Method: Container - Projects with 5-25 hires


Category Manager

Lead Account Manager

Account Director