Case Study

Brief – What did the client need?

The client was a subsidiary company of a long standing client of ours.  They had heard of the good work we had delivered within the parent company and needed quick delivery in three different global locations.  The need was for four Storage / Virtualisation Architects who could define the architecture within a Tier 1 Banking client.  Shift and weekend work were highly likely to ensure the project was delivered within very tight deadlines. 

Strategy – What was the plan?

The Zurich roles took precedent as this was the HQ for the end client.  Our previous work in Switzerland was limited and the local talent pool was very scarce.  Research was required to understand 1) costs of living 2) the market rate 3) visa requirements, in order to offer a relocation package for EU citizens.  Next was London. Given our extensive product and market knowledge of the parent companies storage virtualisation solution, we were able to reach out to our existing network within the UK. Singapore was the last hurdle.  The local market and visa restrictions proved problematic. 

Results / Summary

Our solid research in Zurich paid off and we were able to present two highly skilled architects a tempting relocation package.  They interviewed and were offered within two weeks.  London followed in quick succession and we placed two candidates the following week.  Due to our good work, we were then given three Storage Engineer roles in Zurich.  Our knowledge of the Swiss market enabled us to source these positions with relative ease.