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It is widely acknowledged that STEM careers are male-dominated, in fact the percentage of Women in STEM working in an industry such as Computer Studies is only 19%! This is hardly surprising when we consider that only 13% of the overall UK STEM workforce is female.

It is believed the STEM imbalance comes from the lack of awareness shown to girls in school and the encouragement to study STEM further at university. Only 3% of females say a career in technology is their first choice.

diversity and inclusion

One consistently discussed topic within a variety of workplaces and especially in recruitment is Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity often focuses on the differences, and is referred to as “the mix”.

Inclusion is the deliberate act of welcoming diversity and creating an environment where all different kinds of people can thrive and succeed.

The ideal length for a company’s hiring process has been a debatable topic for years. The irony of the situation, though, is that there should not be any debate about it.

The facts are:

1: We have a hiring team with pressure to fill an open position

2: An eager candidate with multiple job options to consider

3: A recruiter offering the client a solution

Who has the upper hand here? The candidate of course, so why does a hiring manager take so much time to move a candidate through the process even with all the guidance the recruiter provides?