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We have all seen the generic top tips to ‘dress appropriately’ and ‘turn up on time’, but you never get tips from a consultant who prepares the candidates. If you’re an Osmii candidate you’ll know how to ace them, if you’re not, here are five top tips from our Digital consultant Sarah Neeworth.

“First tip is flattery – This breaks the ice with the client and also helps to build a relationship.

Second is eagerness- Make sure you show your eagerness about both the job and the company. For starters, make sure you know everything about the position and the company before the interview begins.

Third is how you can help them- express your previous experience along with any fresh ideas on how you can solve problems and make a great contribution to the company.

Fourth is compare how you are to their ideal candidate- Before the interview concludes, ask your interviewer how you compare with their ideal job candidate and gain feedback on your performance compared to the other applicants.

Fifth is Close – End the call/conversation by asking if they support your application or what are the next steps. This will round things off and the client can discuss any reservations if needed.” –Sarah Neeworth

With these five tips, we feel you’ll find yourself much better prepared and more confident when it comes to interviewing for a new job. Now you have our top tips we want to hear yours! Please email us via or DM us via our Twitter @osmii_news with the best top tip which has helped you in previous interviews and the winner will receive an amazing prize!