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Tomorrow, our two consultants Brian Abplanalp and Simon Gregory from the digital tech team, will be heading to the Ecommerce Expo 2015 @ecommerceexpo. The event will bring together ecommerce professionals who have a variety of the most innovative suppliers of ecommerce technologies and services. The two days will be filled with the chance for us to network, be educated, do business and be inspired!

First on our agenda for the day we will be going to a talk called ‘Mobile conversion – the absolute key to increased e-tail growth’ by Jens Saltin, the Director of Klarna. With 50% of traffic being created through mobile devices, this revolution is having a huge impact on retailers businesses. It is believed that most consumers use their mobile for marketing and research and all purchases would be done via a computer or physically in store. Klarna have proved that this is wrong-people will buy using their mobile if you let them. It is all down to providing them with a smooth, easy to use experience and payment system. The company Klarna aim to give customers a simpler buying experience.

Next up is a talk called ‘Embracing payment technology to help attract new international customers’ by Kevin Salaman, the head of e-commerce, Europe, Elavon. This talk aims to help give us a better understanding of how implementing currency payment solutions can create a better experience for your customers along with being able to deliver increased sales and revenue for a business. The company Elavon offer a next generation solution that delivers the processing reach, fraud controls and security to drive a ecommerce business forward.

Lastly we will be going to a talk on ‘Google shopping on the rise: how to master your ad campaigns in 2016’ by Gael de Vos, VP of solutions developments, Twenga. Based on their technology and customer success stories they will tell us the innovative approach on how to combine data exploration and give better us a better understanding of online buying behaviour, to show that we must make the most of your Google ad spend. The company Twenga aims to provide their clients with a holistic suite of service designed to deliver increased volumes of leads with quality, that will result in excellent performance across the web, mobile and tablet whilst delivering a great shopping experience for the consumer.

Overall we have a great morning lined up, we look forward to making the most out of learning more about our industry. Here at Osmii we always love going to events to get the chance to meet new people and network. If you would like to meet with either Brian or Simon please contact them via or