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This week, Osmii’s Marketing Manager Grace Coleman and Digital Consultant Sarah Neeworth are heading to the event Apps World. The event focuses on everything from investments and startups to development and design, and we aim to fully immerse ourselves within the world of mobile apps. To kick start the event we decided to look into the app trends that have taken off throughout 2016 so far.

Mobile has had a profound effect on the way we interact socially, work and our everyday to day lifestyle. We are able to send texts, emails to use GPS tracking and Siri reminding us of the dinner date we have on Friday. It is clear the mobile device has become such an integral part of our digital lifestyle.

This year we have seen brands blurring the lines between apps, eCommerce and social. Many social media platforms have started to use eCommerce features within their apps. An example is the app FourSixty, which lets you create shoppable Instagram galleries that you can embed within your posts.The app functionality allows you to tag products featured in your Instagram posts so your customers can shop right away. Never again will your customers have to search a shore for a product they saw on a company Instagram feed. Instagram itself have introduced a buying button called ‘Shop Now’ to extend its e-commerce features. Transactions take place on the merchant site; yet, the button allows users to save time by opening the payment page directly in Instagram and taking the user back to the application once the transaction is complete. Another example is Pinterest who offer “buyable pins” which allows you to make a purchase directly on Pinterest. It has partnered with eCommerce platform such as Big Commerce, Magento and IBM commerce and in addition to this Pinterest says that thousands of new merchants will be able to offer their products and services to Pinterest’s users.

We also saw in 2016 that apps have now become a integral part of our daily lives – fitness, taxi services and food service. Apps are more personalized and what’s more, the apps you choose could very well communicate your values in terms of your lifestyle. The more attuned these apps become to our goals, likes and dislikes in life, the more they’ll find themselves being used likely far beyond what the original developers envisioned. Apps are also introducing more moment marketing to match current events – for example Snapchat introduced new personalized filters that are based on your location or a worldwide event such as the Euros or Olympics. The biggest personalized app to be introduced this year was the Amazon Echo which works through its voice assistant, Alexa, which users can talk to in order to perform a number of tasks. Customers can simply tell Alexa to play music, provide a weather report, get football scores, order an Uber, and much more.

As you can see Apps are constantly evolving and we look forward to learning more about the future of the app world at this weeks event. The digital world is consistently changing so we always make sure to bookmark the most interesting trends for 2016 and years to come. If you are attending this weeks event please contact Sarah Neeworth via: