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With just a week until the doors open to Dmexco 2016, the digital themes and trends of this years digital marketing expo are coming into full fruition. We decided to look into the motto of this year’s event and pick apart this top trend, looking further into how this will impact our every day lives and future.

The motto for this years event is “Digital is everything…not everything is Digital”- defining the connection between digital and the real world. As technology continues to be part of every aspect of our lives, our very own digital experiences are making their impact in the real world more and more frequently. IoT (Internet of things) marks a new era of marketing, a concept which basically connects any device with the internet. This includes everything from mobiles, coffee machines, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and pretty much anything else you can think of. It shows that there will be a new rule for the future  “Anything that can be connected, will be connected.”

So how will IoT impact the world and marketing? Well all physical products when connected to the internet will help in developing a personalized and interactive bond with its consumer. We looked into a number of major companies who have already started to develop IoT into their enterprise.

The connected car

Cars will be a major element within the expansion of IoT with statistics showing that 1 in five cars will have some sort of wireless connection by 2020. Telsa motors in an American automotive and energy storage company who are best known for their electric cars. Their models are a great example of some of the first IoT cars. Their model has constant 3G connection which is paid for by Telsa for life. It also has a mobile app which allows you to find the location, speed and operating mode of the car. The car can also detect new software and firmware and upgrade automatically. This is just a few examples of the services the Telsa car offers and the future of the connected car.


In today’s society watches are no longer just for telling time. The Apple Watch and other smart-watches have turned our wrists into smartphone enabling us to send text messages, make phone calls, and much more. There are other devices such as Fitbit and Jawbone who have helped reshape the fitness world by giving people more data and knowledge about their workouts. There is also the bio-metric shirt-The Heddoko smart-shirt and garment is an article of clothing that keeps information in 3D. The information that the Heddoko and its apps does is it shows a person if they are putting too much pressure on a certain part of their body.

The IoT home

Making the home fully equipped with IoT is likely to be the most popular at the moment because it is most affordable and available to consumers. The best example of a product for the IoT home is the Amazon Echo which works through its voice assistant, Alexa, which users can talk to in order to perform a number of tasks. Customers can simply tell Alexa to play music, provide a weather report, get football scores, order an Uber, and much more. There are now devices to make our homes and lives more connected than ever.

To conclude, in a world where everything is connected to people, this new data brings new opportunities to marketers. Being able to focus on the customers lifestyle, marketers are able to understand and better influence the consumers customer journey.

The digital world is consistently changing so we always make sure to bookmark the most interesting trends for 2016 and years to come.With decision makers, visionaries and experts from all areas of the global digiconomy at this years Dmexco 2016 show we are looking forward to once again learning, listening and conversing with them. If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of them members of the digital team here at Osmii please contact Simon Gregory via: or Dean Smithers