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The ideal length for a company’s hiring process has been a debatable topic for years. The irony of the situation though, is that there should not be any debate about it.

The facts are:

1: We have a hiring team with pressure to fill an open position

2: An eager candidate with multiple job options to consider

3: A recruiter offering the client a solution

Who has the upper hand here? The candidate of course its a candidate driven market. So why does a hiring manager take so much time to move a candidate through the process even with all the guidance the recruiter provides?

the time is now in a candidate driven market

No matter the economic environment, a search for the best candidates should represent a process that includes constant communication, consistent feedback, and a sense of urgency from both sides.

This is definitely the case in a candidate driven market, which is the type of market we have been experiencing for some time. It’s especially a candidates market for top talent.

That’s because these types of candidates have options. Those options don’t just represent more than one job opening. They represent one or more of the best job openings in the industry.

Company officials and hiring managers should understand that the company must brand itself to top candidates just as much as those candidates must brand themselves to the company. In fact, the bonus for effective branding might fall more on the company than on the candidates.

decision making - a candidate driven market

Why is that? 

Consider this:

Suppose a top candidate is interviewing with four companies and that all four of those companies including yours are interested in that candidate. Now suppose your organisation is seriously considering two candidates for your position, and this top candidate is one of them.

Who has more options: the candidate or your company?

If you take too long during the hiring process, if that process is filled with a lack of communication and feedback, and if that process is bogged down in any way, the candidate might view that as representative of your business overall.

As a result, it’s imperative that once the A-level candidates have been presented and are officially part of the hiring process, the process should move with a healthy sense of urgency. The recommended time frame for this is between two and four weeks.

If the process takes any longer than four weeks, the risk of losing those A-level candidates to another company rises dramatically.

How long is your hiring process both before and after top candidates have been identified? 

Is it longer than four weeks? 

Have you lost A-level candidates in the past, either because they dropped out of the process, accepted other offers, or both?

Take the steps necessary to first identify the best candidates in the marketplace and then to streamline your hiring process so those candidates stay engaged until you can successfully recruit them and hire them.

After all, there should be no debate about the value that these candidates can bring to your business and less time for you spending on a lengthy recruitment process.

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