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When asked to name the biggest trend in digital, publishers usually respond with one word: video. Whether it’s for mobile or computers, it has become an integral part of brand strategy. In fact, advertisers are now spending on average more than $10 million annually on digital video – an increase of 85% from two years ago (Mixpo, 2017).

But, as new platforms appear, consumer choice expands and viewing fragments, how are brands adapting? Targeting ads to specific devices and operating systems is the most established form of mobile ad targeting. Trends that have been evident for several years continue to hold true while a new form of device targeting—multiscreen targeting—is emerging in response to consumers’ increased use of multiple web-enabled devices.

Advertisers need to invest not only on multiscreening formats, but where and how this video will be released. The market offers so many options that it turns difficult to predict which option will result into more engagement and traffic from potential consumers.
YouTube recently made the announcement that in 2018 they will be withdrawing the 30 second unskippable video ad format in order to focus on shorter or skippable video formats. The consumer have become more and more saturated of video-ads along their online journey that the most effective ones, are now the ones that does not disrupt -too much- of their online experience.
That is why companies like Pixels are extending mobile native solutions to include reach media: LISA and EVA formats, which will be joining MONA (their former format).
• LISA (for “Listing Scroller Ad”) is a non-intrusive rich and dynamic story-telling canvas that reveals itself as users scroll through content on a mobile device.
• EVA (“Embedded Video in Article”) is an out-stream video ad format that appears in between content on a mobile device.

Tomorrow, in Berlin, Mobile Advertising Summit will be discussing the new effects, formats and technologies of advertising on the mobile screens, along with the most exciting companies of the industry, such as AdColony, Mobext, Babbel, and Smart AdServer.
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