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The landscape is changing rapidly for hiring managers and leaders in the Digital tech space. Talent is harder to find, the market is uncertain with Brexit, and there is so much competition. So here’s some insight into what we’re seeing in this space and some advice to those looking to add into their business.


The market is more freelance focused now

As demand increases for Front end and full stack development, we are seeing fewer available and passive candidates on the market. More and more are freelancing or are professional contractors simply because of the rates they can achieve; in some instances this can be as much as twice their annual salary.

Businesses need to look at candidate experience throughout their hiring process. What long term rewards and benefits can you offer with a permanent role and highlighted all of this from the very initial engagement.

Candidate driven – multiple offers

We are seeing this link to demand that frequently candidates in the perm market can very easily obtain multiple offers. Companies are losing candidates most commonly through long/delayed interview processes. Candidates on the most part are choosing swifter, more people lead processes, rather than long complicated interview processes and hours of technical testing. 

Being decisive, and knowing what you are looking for will make your processes quicker. Trying to include multiple contacts within the business through the first stage meeting will support fewer stages. Practical tests onsite and less online testing especially those that take hours are favoured.

Candidate Communication is very difficult

Agencies target passive candidates, those that may not be on the market just

yet and very likely to be in other roles currently. This makes it harder for candidates to speak, especially if they are going forward for 2-3 roles at the same time, it’s a lot of time away on the telephone or out of the office.

Be open to conversations out of regular hours; most candidates request this initially. Being the only client not prepared to speak out of hours may mean you miss out on the hire if you have to wait. Also, suggest video or telephone calls for first stage to cover the basics and give the candidate a chance to buy into you and your work.

Offering something different will make the difference

Feedback from some candidates we have spoken to:

  • Offering detailed company information, being organised, well prepared, personable, not too structured, flexible and stand out are all areas where you can get ahead of the competition. 
  • Candidates are keen to learn about your business and projects. Try to make the interview process two way. Show them your offices. Take the time to explain about the culture and benefits as the candidates are being a lot less driven by money as they can get paid well everywhere. They are more driven by opportunity and what the company has to offer.

Working from home is a standard request

This is much more requested now than in the past, flexible lifestyles and the ability to code anywhere in the world offers incredible freedom to developers which might be the reason they became interested in Development in the first place.

It’s not personal; it’s not that they don’t like your business or the team. It naturally saves time and effort in commuting and offers freedom to more out of hours activities, also saving on travel costs.

Candidates are not on the market for long

Probably one of the biggest changes we have seen is good candidates are just not about for long. The demand is high and savvy companies that can move quickly are taking advantage of this. We are seeing some candidate come on and off the market within 1 week. If your processes are longer than two stages over two weeks you might want to look at being more agile when it comes to talent attraction.

digital tech

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