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Apple has launched a new campaign aimed to directly persuade Android users to give it up and buy an iPhone. The campaign will only be launched on YouTube, with a total of five videos.

They are short and each focus in a single issue (security, performance, speed…). The message is that you can get more with iPhone and it is quite easy to switch to it. (Check the videos at the end of this post)

They won’t be running on television, but will appear well-suited as pre-roll ads to pop up before videos on YouTube and other Social Media sites. Video marketing has never been so strong and it is shaping advertising and modern-day consumerism.

Mobile is a small but forceful screen when it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention, especially millennial ones. Google and Ipsos recently released the outcomes of a research showing that the small screen has the potential to drive big impact: on a typical day, for those between 18-34 years old who own a smartphone, the smartphone reaches them more than any other device. In addition, viewing video on smartphones is far less distracted than it is on TV.

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While marketers have traditionally hunted consumers’ attention in their living rooms, sitting in front of a television, mobile video consumption is there to change that. Home isn’t the only place millennials watch mobile video. Interesting enough, people watching digital video outside home are 1.8x more engaged as they are likely watching it for active purposes, such as looking for information of exploring a passion.
Osmii is with its eyes wide open for Asia Advertising Week, happening since this Monday until Thursday at Tokyo midtown. We can only expect that the brightest minds in the business will come together to join in the conversations designed to drive business forward and influence the global industry. One of the sessions that we are looking forward is “The Next Wave in Mobile Video Marketing”, by Keisuke Kanno (from FIVE) and Akira Morikawa (from C Channel).
We can definitely expect a lot from the event by checking the speakers and partner lists, which includes Spotx, Pubmatic, The Trade Desk, Unruly and Kaizen Platform, for example. Osmii’s commitment to be on top of digital trends hence learning the trends of the Industry and partnering with the most successful and relevant companies in the industry. To learn more about what we do, please contact our Digital Consultant Sarah though and visit our website