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Team building activities can serve different purposes: developing communication skills, increasing problem-solving skills, moving out of comfort zones etc. However, when team building is given a ceremonious tone, the event may lose its ‘fun appeal’ and feel too official. Luckily for Osmii, we appreciate good fun! As the company grows at a fast pace, every month a new member joins Osmii. Nothing brings people together like a challenge with a team effort. ‘Breaking the ice’ is good, but reinforcing the collective is even better. To add a little bit of adrenaline in our lives, and give a warm welcome to the newcomers, Osmii arranged a field trip to Regents Park to participate in one of those challenges.

strong team strong team strong team

Two weeks ago, Osmii team celebrated their Annual Sports Day – one of our main social events of the summer. This year’s Sports Day was saturated with competitive team disciplines, pizza, drinks and fun challenges. We started with open-air group class of yoga with our resident guru Stacey; Then the whole crew was split into two teams, and the competition for a trophy began. We started with a Relay, Ultimate Frisbee, Football and finished off with a game of Rounders.

It turned out to be an exciting day for everyone, including those who didn’t necessarily have a passion for the sport. Along with the games we enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air and getting to know each other in an unofficial atmosphere. It was a fantastic way to build a great team, ensure communication between all departments, spice up work life and to help move away from our comfort zone all at the same time. Go Sports Day!