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Last week we jumped straight in with what the best CV’s look like for Project Managers & Account Managers with Toby who’s a vital part of our Brands & Agencies team.

In Part 2 of our ‘What the best CV’s look like’ series, I interviewed Max Birchenough who manages our Contract Services team. We discussed the best looking CV’s for Developers and what he expects to see.

Describe to me what the best CV for a Developer looks like?

“Most of the people we look at need to have a minimum of 5 years commercial experience.”

Max said “We really want to see a clear concise list of technologies they have worked on and the specific projects where they have used that tool. For example if someone is a Jenkins specialist, we want to see what roles they have used that tool in. We often tend to get a lot of people who write the projects they have worked on and then separately list which technologies they have used.  This isn’t ideal for us as we need to know specifically which technologies relate to which project for every role. This allows us to fully understand their exact exposure to each tool.”

Max explained to me that his team think it’s vital to show not only how much experience candidates have in a specific technology but also how they used that technology.  If there isn’t mention of which tool is being used in each role, this makes life hard for hiring managers and recruiters to identify stronger candidates.

When discussing length of CV’s and appearance Max said that for a DevOps Engineer 4 pages is ideal if not the maximum. “I have seen a 16 page CV before”. Those who tend to have a longer CV are usually Program Managers that have a lot to say about the projects they have worked on and can buff out with functional responsibilities.

We format every CV here at Osmii to look presentable however your initial CV does inform our choice. Photos & icons are unnecessary as hiring managers are just looking straight at the tools.

Are there any Keywords you look for when going through a CV?

“Keywords for us are tools & software-focused. If we are looking for a Java developer we want to see the projects they have used Java in and for how many years, alongside any associated frameworks and libraries”

Does education matter?

“Some clients insist on degrees in software engineering but ultimately these days you don’t have to have degrees to work in technology. A number of excellent candidates are self-taught in coding and should definitely not be overlooked.”

What is a role you are currently working on now?

An Azure Engineer

And ideally what would the best CV for this role look like?

“Someone who has worked with Azure for a number of years and worked with the various different elements within azure ie Azure Data Lake, Azure Redis, Azure CDN”

Coming away from talking with Max, it was clear that seeing large enterprise projects from your likes of; HSBC, Workday and Capgemini are great influences in standing out.

Finally if you include any skills and tools within your CV, you must be able to back this up in an interview. “We drill down into the CV and pick it apart to make sure we have all the necessary information to figure out if candidates do have the necessary experience they have mentioned on their CV”.

What the best CV's look like for developers

If you’re a Developer looking for a new role please get in touch with Max:
M: 0203 727 7798